Train all your team without shouting

Help your swimmers follow the right pace

Correct your swimmer in real-time

Your swimmer hears you underwater

You don’t break your voice

You can talk right when you need it

Real-time swim coach headset

No need to shout anymore, the swimmers hear you anyway

You can use multiple transmitters in the same area and talk to different sets of headsets without interfering. As long as the transmitters are on different channels, the signal will not interfere with the other transmitters in use.

  • Before, swimmers could not hear the coach because their ears are underwater.

  • Now, swimmers hear every coach's word with Water Talkie

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Designed for swimmers

How to wear it?

  • Thanks to its sleek and lightweight design WATER TALKIE does not provoke any discomfort.

  • After just a few minutes of wearing, swimmers forget about the receiver's presence and fully focus on the training, with the coach available to guide them.

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  • Water Talkie can be placed anywhere on the swimmer's headunder the cap.

  • Don't like wearing a cap? Water Talkie can be fixed on your goggles strap.

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Real-time coaching

Bone conduction technology allows the swimmer to hear the coach's voice being underwater.
The coach can correct the swimmer's movements right when he needs.


Help all your swimmers

Take Your Swim Team To The Next Level!

The Water Talkie System allows coaches to communicate with swimmers much more efficiently. Swimmers wear a radio-based headset, and swimmers will be able to hear directions even underwater.

The Water Talkie System uses radio-based technology to transmit the signal to groups or individual swimmers. You can have the entire team on the same frequency hearing the coach's directions or have up to 16 swimmers in the same pool on separate channels. Also, up to 16 different coaches can be around the same pool talking to individuals or groups of swimmers. With the Water Talkie System, it is easy to change the settings to customize your next practice event.


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